Like Puzzle pieces falling into place,
ModulAct become the missing link that
revolutionized the Cypriot arts and music
community festival Afrobanana

Alternative Brains Rule

ModulAct is a project that seeks to transform the festival process, making it more environmentally and economically sustainable. Over the past decade, as festival organizers, we have recognized the importance of sustainable collaborations and infrastructure. Initially, festivals had a significant negative impact on the environment, with attendees leaving behind a large amount of waste, including bottles, cans, food packaging, tents, and clothing. Moreover, large festivals consume substantial amounts of energy to power stages, lights, sound systems, catering spaces, and freezers

. Given the challenging conditions that festivals face, it is crucial to find sustainable long-term solutions and reduce expenses through modular and reusable elements that meet the standards of the New European Bauhaus. By embracing the principles of the New European Bauhaus, we prioritize sustainability, enhance the festival experience, and ensure accessibility and inclusivity. This project aims to secure the long-term sustainability of festivals, which hold significant cultural value in fostering creativity and memorable experiences.


In addition the main pillar of this project, is to conduct a series of activities that are not a hurdle for the environment but rather showcase a new sustainable method to conduct cultural happenings. Simultaneously, with organizing a (local) large-scale experiential festival in Cyprus, ABR understood the waste in resources and in creative productions that come with it. For the past years, the aim was to finding ecologically sustainable solutions when it comes to material waste.

Such as reusable glasses exchanged with a token system, utilizing renewable energy to power the festival with standing bikes and utilizing old water tanks for a stage installation, utilizing big discarded containers as recycling bins etc. Each year, the sustainability projects were pushed further with a new project each time. Now, it’s the time to further this knowledge and add to it more creative innovations. We want to apply similar practices to all future creative projects and with this type of methodologies more festival organizers and culture professionals will be encouraged to experiment and explore local potentials for renewable energies and material.


Innovation: We believe in pushing boundaries and constantly challenging the status quo. Through continuous innovation, we strive to develop cutting-edge technologies that revolutionize industries and address the world’s most pressing challenges. We embrace creativity, curiosity, and a fearless approach to problem-solving.

Sustainability: Environmental responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting sustainable practices. From our product design to our manufacturing processes, we prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and the use of eco-friendly materials. Our goal is to create a greener future for generations to come.

Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and partnerships. By fostering strong relationships with our clients, suppliers, and stakeholders, we create a network of shared knowledge and expertise. We actively seek collaborations to leverage collective strengths and drive meaningful change. Together, we can achieve more.


To achieve sustainable and innovative practices, we put forth three mechanisms. Firstly, we advocate engaging the audience in the principles of reuse, reduction, and recycling, with a particular focus on the utilization of recycled plastic products. By promoting responsible consumption and waste management, we aim to minimize the environmental impact of the festival. Secondly, we propose the implementation of devices that harness renewable energy sources to power the event. Lastly, we suggest creating modules and joints that facilitate the reuse of materials, enabling the construction of new surfaces and structures. This approach encourages a circular economy, where materials are repurposed and given a new life, reducing the need for resource extraction and waste generation. By adopting these mechanisms, we can foster sustainability and innovation in the festival, paving the way for a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

Our project(II)

Our project aims to foster innovation and collaboration by bringing together interdisciplinary and transnational teams.Through experimentation and the development of new practices, we strive to create a new type of festival experience that can be applied globally. The objectives of our project include creating marketable devices that minimize energy consumption, reducing the environmental impact of festivals, and establishing sustainable methodologies economically and ecologically. Despite its cultural significance, our festival has faced challenges related to waste management, energy consumption, and transportation. To address these issues, we have introduced reusable cups and a rechargeable battery powered by a static bike. However, these solutions are not sufficient to meet the festival’s power needs. Additionally, the festival generates plastic waste, and recycling options are limited in the remote area. Furthermore, the transportation of festival structures and materials contributes to a substantial consumption of non-renewable energy sources.

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